Super Saturated Lips

I have always been an eyeshadow girl.  My makeup case looks like a MAC store; I have eyeshadows in every color imaginable, and all the liners to match.  My routine has always been creative on the eye, chapstick on the lips.

But lately, I have been so into super-saturated lip colors paired with a liquid lined eye and light make-up.  I’ve been getting back into vintage style (thank you, Mad Men), and I love that a vintage make-up look takes me half the time.  So far, I’m a MAC devotee, but am always interested in discovering new brands.  I’m addicted to MAC’s Lady Danger, but am branching out with some new colors.  I’m dying to try Lady Bug or Russian Red this winter.  

Lady Danger, Girl About Town, Impassioned, Morange

Can’t get enough lipstick? Check out this cute little blog post on lipstick for an Burlesque performers insider guide to lipstick.

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