Avoiding That Holiday Weight

Sometimes, I can’t handle the idea of gaining weight over the holidays.  It’s not that I’m not okay with gaining a few pounds here and there (hey, life wouldn’t be fun if I couldn’t enjoy some eggnog once and a while), but for some reason, whenever the holidays roll around, I actually feel even more motivation to get myself to the gym.  Maybe it’s an attempt at avoiding holiday stress (ugh, long lines, credit card bills, trying to fit in way too many holiday parties), or maybe it’s so that when it comes time to make Christmas cookies, I don’t feel bad about gorging myself on the dough.  Either way, in the past few weeks, I’ve really upped my gym time.  

I think another part of my motivation has been the great new playlist I put on my iPod shuffle the other day.   It’s amazing how a few new songs can get me on the elliptical for an extra five minutes, or can influence me to finish my weight lifting sessions with a super strong and positive mindset.  It also gives me a break from the Christmas music I am bound to hear no matter what shop I stop into.  Here are my favorite workout songs right now:
  1. “Raise Your Glass”- Pink
  2. “Since You’ve Been Gone”- Kelly Clarkson
  3. “Empire State of Mind”- Jay Z ft. Alicia Keys
  4. “Telephone”- Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce
  5. “Skinny Little Bitch”- Hole
  6. “Volcano Girls”- Veruca Salt
  7. “With Love”- Hilary Duff
  8. “Fighter”- Christina Aguilera
  9. “A Hazy Shade of Winter”- The Bangles
  10. “She Wolf”- Shakira
Even just typing this list makes me antsy to get to the gym!

One thought on “Avoiding That Holiday Weight

  1. oh how i love veruca salt. thanks for bringing that back. i think im going to have to have buy that on itunes. its been too long since i had the cd's. annaandeverythingniceblog.com

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