Resolutions vs. Goals

While in New Orleans, I started discussing New Year’s Resolutions with my boyfriend.  When I said “finish my screenplay,” he stated that he thought that was more of a goal than a resolution (he’s a writer and was an english major, word perfectionist).  So I took to Webster’s who defines a resolution as: a resolve or determination.  So am I right?  Are goals and resolutions the same?  Or are resolutions a long-term, progressive change or goal?  In light of entertaining my boyfriend, let’s say that resolutions and goals are different, what would mine be for 2011?

Resolutions- my long-term progressive changes to make in 2011

  • Develop my professional career in film.  Continue to freelance, expand my skill set, and make vital connections with people in the industry.
  • Incorporate exercise into my routines.  Yoga, spinning, lifting, anything to get me moving and get my endorphins flowing.
  • Be more mindful and appreciative of all relationships.
  • Continue learning.  Take a class, read books, learn from others around me.
  • Separate myself from popular culture.  This is never something I could do in entirety, but it’d be nice to not talk about what reality tv shows I’m watching, and to take a day away from celebrity gossip sites.   
Goals- the one-offs on my to-do list
  • Finish my screenplay!
  • Run a 10K
  • Learn one new dessert recipe a month
  • Visit more museums/attend more plays in New York.  Specifically the Museum of Natural History!
I love setting goals.  I love having something to work for, and at the beginning of every year I feel the opportunity to start anew and I feel the possibility of being the person I want to be.  I have high hopes for 2011, because 2010 was a really rough year.  
What are your 2011 goals/resolutions?
Happy New Year!!

Leave a little love xoxo

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