Top 10 Fashion Needs for 2011

I tried this last year on my former blog, The Fake Hipster, and I loved making up an imaginary 2010 wardrobe so much, that I have been doomed to repeat it.  Now, since I spent most of 2010 unemployed or poorly employed (thank you recession/career change). there may be a few things worth repeating from last years list.  After all, building a perfect wardrobe takes a lot of time and patience!

  • Ray-Ban Tortoiseshell Wayfarers. I couldn’t get myself on the Wayfarers trend a few years ago.  To me, wearing a pair of red or white Wayfarers would have made me feel like I was in a Bret Easton Ellis film adaption.  However, with 60s style coming back and being one of my faves, I feel like I could make the tortoiseshell version work.
  • Camel colored princess coat.  I have been scouring eBay for months for this classic cut and colored coat.  I have a slight jacket obsession, but when you live somewhere that’s cold for a large part of the year, there are worse obsessions to have!  
  • Knee-high black boots.  And not just any knee-high black boots.  I have been sweating these Fluevogs for months.  They have a hefty price tag, but with the victorian details and the comfy heel, I know I would get great use of them.   
  • Super classic, high-quality billfold.  Women spend so much time making sure they have the best designer purses that sometimes our wallets sort of go unnoticed.  But, after having my lovely gifted Coach wallet for 7 years now, it might be time to upgrade, after all, the clasp is barely working anymore and I can’t handle having a purse full of loose change!
  • A collection of opaque colored tights. Thanks to my discovery of, my collection is already starting to grow exponentially.  However, I would love to add more next year so that I can continue to wear my favorite dresses and skirts all year long!
  • Cream colored lace skirt.  This has been on my must-have list for a very long time.  However, lace isn’t exactly “in” right now, and finding a vintage lace piece in excellent condition is tough.  But I am dying for a skirt in this color so I can put some great burgundy tights underneath, paired with a great blouse and pair of heels.  Sigh.
  • Bracelets.  If 2010 was the year of buying cocktail rings for me, than 2011 is going to be the year of bracelets.  I am dying to build my collection by finding tons of vintage cuffs, delicate bangles, and ethnic inspired pieces to glam up my everyday t-shirt and jeans routine.  
  • A cable-knit chunky round scarf.  I love the look of this oversized chunky knit scarves, and would love to learn to knit one in the next year.  Think of all the color, texture, and material possibilities!
  • Perfect ballet flats.  I have finally learned to embrace my height.  I love that I don’t have to wear heels to kiss my boyfriend, and I’ve been spending a lot more money investing in flats this past year.  However, I am still looking for the perfect pair that won’t be destroyed after 3 weeks in New York!
  • Corduroy or velvet pants.  Sometimes I get sick of jeans or leggings, but it’s just too cold to wear a skirt.  I would love to find a pair of fitted, skinny textured pants that are begging to be touched.
I find that as I keep growing up, my tastes keep changing and maturing.  Hopefully my work-load will pick up after the new year and I can start dressing like the adult I want to be! 😉

      One thought on “Top 10 Fashion Needs for 2011

      1. oooo a lace skirt with burgundy tights sounds pretty! Like a 1920's look with some bitchin' t-straps? (T-straps can be totally bitchin'.) I always want to wear Navy blue and cream together but it's uaually paired with white… lame. I will keep my eyes peeled for bracelets.

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