Project DIY: Infused Vodkas

January has been a dry month. Aside from a few glasses of wine here and there, I haven’t been imbibing. But that all ends next week, and what better way to end a month of sobriety than with home infused vodkas?

I decided to try two very different, and very easy types. I used dried arbol chilis and vanilla beans, both gifted to me by a friend. I was glad to find a use for the cheap leftover vodka we purchased for a holiday party punch, and a way to use some of the multiple glass jars we have been saving for such an occasion.

I’m hoping that the chili vodka is perfect for a Sunday brunch Blood Mary, and I’m hoping to use the vanilla bean vodka in a variety of cocktails.

I have a million ideas for Spring and Summer vodkas that I can’t wait to try once the weather gets a bit warmer. Any thoughts?


One thought on “Project DIY: Infused Vodkas

  1. I can't wait to try that vanilla one… I had a dream that we made some strange dessert with it last night… it was weird and delicious. (BTW, world… I'm her roommate soooooo… I win ALL THE PRIZES- and infused vodkas.)

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