Style Inspiration: Pin-Up Girl

Sometimes there is nothing better than a really cheesy musical full of chaos, confusion, and costumes. I have been dying to see the Betty Grable classic Pin-Up Girl, for some time now, and with it expiring on Netflix in the next few days, I figured there was no time like the present. 

Not only was it the cure for my slushy weather blues, but I instantly to eBay and started searching for 1940s suits.  I absolutely love the fact that she can go from glamorous showgirl to simple secretary with a few tweaks of costume and accessories (because everyone knows that adding glasses makes you simple and plain).  Everything about Grable is impeccably 1940s pin-up. The perfect coiffed hair, the flawless make-up combination (which has been a recent favorite of mine), but the structured minimalist suits, perfect for working towards the war effort or stirring up some trouble.


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