The End of the Beginning

Photo via *Life

I always look forward to the beginning of the year. I love the idea of having a fresh start and the ability to make the current year so much better than the last. And I can’t believe that January is already over! Here are a few of the things I absolutely loved about the past month:

  • Piles and piles and piles of snow.
  • A fresh stack of books on my dresser that are dying to be read on snowy afternoons.
  • Getting back to the gym after a holiday break.
  • Getting super organized for all that 2011 may bring. 
  • An amazing jump-start on my career that I never would have expected after a short few months.
  • Fresh pots of coffee on a cold Sunday morning.
  • True Grit, Inside Job, and all the other Oscar nominated films in theaters. 
  • My new record player and stacks of albums dying to be played.
  • The Chocolate Treats and Truffles Class at the French Culinary Institute!*
  • My talented boyfriend playing great live shows.
  • The Meatball Shop.
  • A new addition to the family.

I am really looking forward to February. More projects on the horizon, a very special birthday that just happens to fall on Valentine’s Day, and hopefully a few more days of sunshine!

What were some of your favorite things from the past month?

*Such a great Christmas present, thank you boyfriend 🙂

Leave a little love xoxo

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