Examples of Elegance: Style

*Photo via Matchbook Magazine

As I mentioned last week, the fabulous, Matchbook Magazine had it’s official launch. And while I have not been able to stop pouring over the pages, there was one particular article that most definitely struck my fancy.

Throughout the past year, as I have tried to embrace the transition into adulthood, I have been embracing the transition of my wardrobe. Now, I will still find an excuse to wear a sequin every so often, but I am most definitely putting together basics that can last me a lifetime. So when I saw Matchbook’s 50 Classics for Your Closet, I was thrilled. I’ve already started to make a checklist of the items I have, as well as started to research and pine after a few things I can’t wait to have.  I’m obsessed with finding the perfect striped shirt, and can’t wait to find a super chic trench for what is sure to be a rainy New York Spring.

If you haven’t checked out Matchbook, this article is only the beginning of all the amazing things that you will find there. Matchbook Magazine is elegance at its finest.


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