Style Inspiration: Vertigo

I have this somewhat insane list of movies to watch. It’s actually an Excel Spreadsheet with multiple tabs that hold Best Picture Winners, the list from 501 Must-See Movies, as well as IMDB’s Top 250. And in order to make even the slightest dent in this list, it means that I have a lot of Hitchcock to watch.

Now, I’m not entirely sure why I waited so long to watch Vertigo, but when I did, I was completely enamored. Yes, I know that Hitchcock is the master of suspense, but Edith Head is the mistress of costumes, and boy, are the costumes in Vertigo to die for.

I can’t get over the super chic long coats, perfected french twists, and fitted taffeta and silk dresses. Kim Novak’s beauty is enough to drive any man crazy, and Barbara Bel Geddes “girl-next-door” look is absolutely divine.

Edith Head was an absolute genius, wasn’t she?


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