Examples of Elegance: Daria Morgandorffer

Last week, MTV announced that it was bringing back Beavis and Butthead. So that led me to think about another one of my favorite moments in 90s MTV-dom, and that was Daria. Now Daria Morgandorffer is not a traditional example of elegance, but I’m including her for one really great reason:

She made it cool to be smart.

Instead of being focused on how much money she could spend at her birthday party, or who was sleeping with who, Daria Morgandorffer made fun of the people who focused on that. She was far more interested in her education, the books she was reading, and Sick, Sad World. Yes, there were things that Daria did that an elegant woman should never do (kiss her friends boyfriend, being intentionally mean), but Daria still managed to set a positive example of intelligence and hard work. Daria is available to watch on DVD, and I’ve already re-watched the entire series, twice. And who knows, maybe MTV bringing back Beavis and Butthead is a sign of changes to come.


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