On My Wishlist: Signet Ring

There is something really great about sending a piece of snail mail, and something even better about receiving it. It shows someone that you not only spent the time and the effort of writing a letter and mailing it, but that they were also worth the price of a postage stamp. And I absolutely love the idea of sealing my letters with a personalized wax seal before placing them in the envelope.

I have been on the quest for a vintage signet ring for a while. I’ve scoured eBay for them, kept my eyes open at pawn shops, but definitely no such luck. I’d prefer one with my initials, however it is not a necessity. I love the option of having a super simple design, or going super ornate and detailed with a Fleur de Lis or even a Lion. Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve seen trolling the Internet.

*GAD Antiques
*Morning Glory Jewelry 

Leave a little love xoxo

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