Whimsical Shoes

Lately, I have been slammed with production. On Tuesday, I worked a 24 shift on a commercial. Needless to say, that when I am on production, my exercise and slimming regime take a nasty hit.

And this has come at the worst time. I have been hit with a shopping bug (a definite rarity for me), but I can’t stand the thought of buying clothes at this very moment. So, instead, I lust over accessories, and lately, it has been all about the shoes. And while I have been focusing on creating a more adult wardrobe, I absolutely love the idea of a simple outfit paired with outrageous shoes.

Here are a few of my favorites for Spring.

1. ‘Words Can’t Express Heel’ from Modcloth $137.99
2. Poetic Licence ‘Danty Doll’ Flat $98.95
3. Beverly Feldman ‘Andiamo’ $161.00
4. Betsey Johnson ‘Eldoris Show Wedges’ $185


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