Utilizing My Time

Lately, I have been all about having projects and staying crafty. After reading Let’s Bring Back, I started to think about how most of my non-work time is spent at home, either watching movies (hey, for me it’s work research) or listening to music.  And let’s face it, as a freelancer, I can have way too much free time!
While I’ve always been a queen of many hobbies, I still feel as though I can always do a few more things. I’ve started knitting again, recently went back to jewelry making, and have been scouring the Internet for new recipes.
Here are a few new things I want to incorporate into my spare time:

I am dying to make this cauliflower soup with arugula and smoked salmon.

I am determined to teach myself to crochet flowers like these. Pattern/Photo Here.

I just bought this book, I can’t wait to make some fun gifts for my girlfriends.

I bought supplies to start making cards, and made one for my friend Kelsi for her birthday. I can’t wait to make some ones for Easter and St. Patrick’s Day!
I am absolutely terrified of making layer cakes, but this one on Sweetapolita looks delicious enough to convince me to try it!

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