Style Inspiration: Breathless

I had a rocky start with Godard. In university, I took an upper level media studies class for fun and watched 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her, and I couldn’t stand it.* So as a consequence, I have strayed away from Godard films for the past few years.

But, I had been meaning to watch Breathless for ages. I have had a love affair with Paris from afar for the past year or so. I have been reading every book on “being more French” that I could get my hands on, and have been trying to be more disciplined at listening to “learning French” pod-casts. And who can blame me? There is something so alluring about a wonderful French woman, their style, the way they carry themselves, and how they manage to seem so nonchalant about men. And although Jean Seberg is an American, she still manages to give off that Persian perfection.

I absolutely adored this film. The music, cinematography, dialogue, and acting were beyond perfection, and the clothes were perfectly timeless. I found myself scouring eBay for similar style dresses moments after the film had ended, and am beyond tempted to cut my hair into a super-chic shortcut. Breathless made me remember why I love film, it made me yearn for more films that weren’t composed of CGI characters and produced by Michael Bay.

*Though I would be interested to see how I feel about it now.


2 thoughts on “Style Inspiration: Breathless

  1. Last Godard movie I watched was Tout va Bien. Have you seen that one? It's one of the more "experimental" ones but I was really engrossed because I felt like I could always tell what he was going for. Anyway, when I watched that one, I nearly forgot that Breathless is such an easy-to-watch and legitimately cool movie. Jean Seberg, to me, isn't the iconic Parisian as much as the iconic international, cosmopolitan young woman.

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