Cleaning Up My Habits

I like to think of myself as a pretty healthy person. Since 2011 has begun, I have cut out all meat (but fish) from Monday-Friday, focused on eating only fruit for breakfast, getting to the gym more, and really monitoring my alcohol intake to a healthier level.

So then why did I spend all day Monday doubled over in pain? After coming to the realization that it wasn’t the stomach flu, I decided that it must be the fact that I ate nothing but crap all weekend. Sometimes, I think that if I’m really good all week than I deserve to get a little crazy and eat whatever I want come Saturday and Sunday. And while this is good in principle (it really does make me say no to my cravings during the week), it just does not work for my body. I don’t intend to give up my coffee and pie for breakfast* routine on Saturday morning, I think there are other things I can do to prevent my body suffering come Monday (ie: no midnight pork buns from MNoodle).

Also, now that work has picked up, it has become far too easy for me to lose sight of the goals I set back in January. So over the weekend I decided to work on setting some more realistic goals that will keep me balanced, and hopefully bring a bit more harmony to my already rather happy existence.

  • Continue to eat a pescatarian diet Monday-Friday, while incorporating one vegan day a week.
  • Drink at least 65 ounces of water a day.
  • Run more than 10 miles a week- preferably achieved in three days.
  • Try a new exercise class- spinning, Bikram, Physique 57?
  • Now that money is coming in, start to put more away into a mutual fund for long-term growth.
  • Finish 3 books over the course of the month (this is pathetically low for me, but that’s what working 12 hour days will do to you!)
  • Start a new crafting project. 
  • Try to see my girlfriends 2-3 times, or as much as possible with all our busy schedules.
  • Devote one night a week to going on a proper date with my boyfriend, one where I turn off my cell phone, and celebrate the little victories we have achieved over the past few days. 

So how do you feel about your goals now that we are 3 months into the year? Have you stayed on track, are you starting to reconfigure what you’d like to achieve? I’d love to hear all about it!

*To be fair, the pies are usually hearty like a chicken pot pie or a quiche 🙂

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