Spring Bags

I used to be obsessed with designer handbags. Every holiday I would ask for the newest It Bag, and whenever my parents went on a vacation, I could be sure to get some pretty little designer carry-all. But, now that I’m in New York and I live out of my bag on a day-to-day basis, I have become much less focused on who’s name is on the bag, and much more focused on what I can put in the bag. Most of my bags are muted winter colors, made to hide the grime that it picks up on the subway and in various bars, but with the sun shining, and my wardrobe brightening up, I am really looking forward to snatching up one of these light colored bags!

1. Yellow Colour Block Mini Cross Body Bag £20
2. Voluminous Bag $398
3. Nicole Lee Rosettes Purse $57
4. BDG Canvas Tote Bag $68
5. Stella McCartney Falabella Crochet Tote $2,165

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