Necklace Inspiration

As I briefly mentioned last week, I have been running myself ragged and feeling less than inspired lately. I’ve been trying to combat this by reading new books, discovering new blogs, and spending as much time out in the world as possible.

And ya know what I realized? I’ve been feeling uninspired because I haven’t been very creative lately. I haven’t been spending time baking new recipes, or knitting fun things, and it’s starting to take it’s toll. So, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing, and I’ve decided to start beading again. I know that I’ll never make a profession out of it, and probably won’t even ever go so far to open an Etsy shop, but it’s something I thoroughly enjoy doing, so here are a few of the necklaces I’ve seen recently that are inspiring me to get back in the creative zone.

Sea Urchin, Collage Necklace, Starburst, Turquoise

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