Sky Blues and Minty Greens

Usually I am drawn to obnoxiously bright colors and super muted neutrals, but ever since the sun has started shining, I find myself lusting over pastels. I have never been a big fan of pastels, in fact, the only time I ever thought they were very useful was on Easter Candy, or Hard Candy nail polish. But times are a changing, and I’m starting to enjoy the palest of blues and greens. I am lusting after lush fabrics in these pretty colors and can’t wait to scoop up a few of these items!

1. Safe Travels Pullover $68
2. Mint Tea Green Feather Headband $12
3. Mint Pussybow Blouse £36
4. Roma Intrecciato Leather Tote $3,080
5. OPI Hey Get in Lime Nail Polish $8
6. Don’t Tell Sandals $50
7. Silk Chambray Mini Skirt $595


One thought on “Sky Blues and Minty Greens

  1. that green feather headband is sooooo pretty!and about colors, Im all about pales and nudes this Spring! Lets leave the black and greys behind, shall we?

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