Ramp and Pecan Pesto

I don’t proclaim to be an epic foodie, but considering I love to eat seasonally and locally, I couldn’t help but pick up some ramps when I spotted them at The Brooklyn Kitchen.  Truth be told, I had no idea what to do with ramps. I wanted something easy, simple, and that I didn’t need to go buy a million ingredients for. When I found this recipe online, I knew with a few modifications I could make it totally work. I left out the cheese (making it vegan, and also safe for my lactose intolerant boyfriend), added some garlic cloves, and used pecans, which I had readily available, instead of walnuts.

I loved how easy and quick it was to make this, and with the oniony flavor of the ramps, and the added garlic, it is the perfect balance to the fatty flavors of the olive oil and pecans. I have been throwing it on everything, and trying my hardest to not buy a loaf of french bread to slather it on!

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