Vegan Chocolate Orange Cupcake

I have a deep fondness for vegans. I admire the fact that they maintain a diet that is good for their health, good for animals, and good for the environment. It’s pretty well-known that I am not a vegan, but I strive to eat a mostly vegan diet, and have ever been learning to back vegan goodies!

My boyfriend, always indulging my baking whims, bought me Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World for Christmas. Although I dabbled with vegan cupcakes in the past, these delicious Chocolate Orange cupcakes would be the first I’ve tried. I’m usually not as fond of chocolate cakes, I often find them try and hardly worth the calories. But oh goodness, these ones were delicious. I often find that vegan cakes are more moist and delicious, and the addition of orange rind and triple sec, were a perfect compliment to the chocolate.

Kinda like a chocolate orange, but so, so much better!


One thought on “Vegan Chocolate Orange Cupcake

  1. Oh my goddness, that looks wonderful. I am a vegetarian and my boyfriend is allergic to milk so we eat a pretty much vegan diet at home. The only thing stopping me is cheese. xxxLove your blog xx

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