The Problem With Dieting

Let’s start with something positive before I launch into a diatribe about dieting.

I have fun over 10 miles so far this week and it’s only Wednesday. Yay! Unfortunately, to counterbalance that, I have been eating like a crazy person.

Ya see, when I’m not working in production, I work in craft services, ie) the food table. So, when I’m not eating cheese and chocolate by the handful, I’m interacting with super awesome people. It’s kind of like being a bartender, but without having to rely on tips to pay my bills (yay!)

Anyway, on the set I’m currently on, the crew is having a “Biggest Loser” challenge, which means that the women (most of whom are maybe 15 pounds overweight, if at all) are constantly talking about food. Now, I love food. I love to discuss healthy eating, delicious delictables, and food politics, but I don’t like listening to women obsess over their weight.

I had this revelation while listening to these girls. The problem with going on a diet is that you assume you are going to go back to your way of eating someday. But if your way of eating is causing weight problems, or making you not feel well, than that is the problem. I have never been a dieter for this exact reason. I would much rather focus on changing my life habits and splurging once and a while, but maintaining an overall sense of well-being.

So what do you think? Are you a quick fix dieter, or would you rather focus on overall wellness?

4 thoughts on “The Problem With Dieting

  1. You are so right! It really has to be a life style. When you live a healthy life, maintaining your weight is easy because you feel great. And living a life of deprivation, i.e. during a fad diet, makes you feel miserable. I'd rather feel great by eating right every day and indulging once in a while on things that are really delicious!

  2. I don't like talking about weight all the time either from a guilt motivation standpoint. I wish I had this stuff perfectly down in my life (I don't). But I hate sitting around discussing it – I've had some mild disordered eating, so it pushes my buttons. I'd like a happy (healthy) medium.

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