A Mother’s Day of Epic Proportions

I’ve been a bit MIA as of late, and I can finally explain why. My mom came to visit! She flew in from Montana for Mother’s Day, and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t touch my computer while she was here. We were too busy enjoying each other’s company, hang out with my friends, going to see a show (Rock of Ages), and exploring Brooklyn.

It was great to have her around for a few days, and it made me all the more excited to go to Montana later this summer to visit her and my dad! Here are a few of my favorite pictures from her visit!

My mom, me, and our cousin, Patti (who also lives in Brooklyn!)

My mom and I enjoying some Bloody Mary’s at brunch

My mom being a good sport and trying the oysters that Jason shucked, let’s just say they weren’t her thing.

My mom rowing in Central Park, one of her bucket list items.

My lovely mom in Central Park

Me and my mother on Mother’s Day

Toasted Marshmallow and Pumpkin Milkshakes, one of our fave things in New York.

One thought on “A Mother’s Day of Epic Proportions

  1. Such a lovely tribute & days well spent! You two look so happy & beautiful together. I am always delighted to see my dear friend Lisa (& her girl) enjoying life!! Much Love <3K. Cramerps. Awesome & enjoyable blog page Lexie. 😉

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