Style Icon: Gwen Stefani

Lately I’ve been reminiscing about the 1990’s a lot. I know I’ve talked about it before, but I loved when smart and strong women were portrayed as sexy. And nobody sticks out as a strong, sexy, smart woman of the 90s like Gwen Stefani. Do you remember the “Just a Girl” video? Stefani held her own among a genre filled with men, and she did so in style.

I used to love her crop top/baggy pants/boots combos, and loved that she could throw on a $10 vintage dress and look like a million bucks. I always wanted to be a platinum blond and wear red lipstick everywhere. She was old school Hollywood glam meets SoCal punk chic. I absolutely worshiped everything about her.

Not to say that I don’t still love her. I still love her style, and am thrilled that No Doubt is coming out with a new record, but new Stefani will never compare to the tough chick I looked up to in junior high.


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