Good Skin

Lately, I have been getting what I consider to be one of the highest compliments one can receive. On a number of occasions, I have been told by various hair and make-up people that I have wonderful skin. Now, considering on most days I can’t be bothered to even put on much more than moisturizer for my 6AM call times, I am learning to embrace these compliments and appreciate my biggest organ.

I’m not suggesting that I don’t get blemishes, I’m human, of course I do. But I’ve been lucky to not have to worry too much on most days, but here are a few of my favorite good skin tips:

  1. Drink lots of water, seriously, it makes a difference!
  2. Work out, sweat out all those toxins.
  3. Go easy on the drinking. Whenever I have a night of heavy drinking, I wake up covered in blemishes.
  4. Keep a diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Have you ever looked at a fruitarians skin? They glow!
  5. Remove your makeup at night!
  6. Natural sunscreen. I am determined to not have wrinkles, so that definitely means investing in a quality bronzer and avoiding the sun come summertime. I also commit myself to buying sunscreen where the active ingredients are titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as opposed to any of the benzones.
  7. Natural beauty products. Let’s be honest, our skin absorbs everything, and I would much rather try to keep the things I’m putting on my face as natural as possible. I really love all the “Yes to Carrots” Products.
  8. Most importantly, listen to your skin. If it reacts a certain way to certain products, use them! Some of the most expensive moisturizers feel awful on my skin.
I’d make this picture larger, but it’s embarrassing enough for me to put a make-up free picture on the internet!

One thought on “Good Skin

  1. you are sooooo right!little steps, great skin!(I just drank some water and ate while reading this LOL!) 🙂 have a lovely tuesday!

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