Currently Lusting Over: Cavallini & Co. Everything

Eventually, I definitely plan on having my own office. Between writing, blogging, production work from home, and serious crafting, I am already starting to feel the crunch for more space and organization. The other day when I stumbled upon Cavallini & Co., that just reaffirmed my lust after having my own office that much more.

I love the vintage designs of the file folders, and can’t imaging a cuter way to decorate a package. Currently, I am lusting after the Greetings Best Wishes rubber stamp set. With all the cards I have been making, I could really use an all-in-one rubber stamp set, and one that looks vintage is right up my alley!

If you haven’t heard of Cavallini & Co., check out Touch of Europe. Not only do they have an extensive line of Cavallini products, but also tons of wonderful little gift ideas for friends and family.

Greetings/Best Wishes Rubber Stamp Kit $26

Decorative Paper Tap: Numbers $16

Destinations Decorative File Folders $16.00

Leave a little love xoxo

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