Beach Vacation Must-Haves: Bohemian Edition

With my long-weekend to Puerto Rico just around the corner, I have been pouring over the ideas of what to pack to minimize my luggage (hello, room for trinkets) while still looking chic and great in vacation photos. As I mentioned before, whenever the summer hits, I drop my preppy garb and put on anything flowy, airy, and a bit boho. Here is my boho vacation wishlist.

1. Anthropologie Fully Striped Scarf $38
2. Free Authority Feather Fedora Hat $23
3. Anthropologie Ruched & Rippled Bikini $88
4.  Topshop Cream Kimono Sleeve Maxi Cover-Up £34
5. Modcloth Style Strata-gy Wedge $40
6. Anthropologie Gold Finger Necklace $30

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