Beach Vacation Must-Haves: Preppy Edition

I can’t stop dreaming about my upcoming beach vacation. I can’t believe that in a few days I’ll be on the sands of Puerto Rico, lounging, relaxing, and soaking up as much sun as I can get. I had such a great time putting together a list of bohemian style vacation must-haves, that I decided to put together another list, this time with the girls of Kate Spade, and Matchbook Magazine, and actresses like Grace Kelly and Reese Witherspoon in mind. Oh to only be so chic!

1. Miss Selfridge Straw Preppy Boater Hat £18
2. Vans Spicoli 4 Fiery Red Gingham Sunglasses $15
3. Anthropologie Pave Posts $24
4. Anthropologie Natalie One Piece $148
5. Take Ivy by Shoshuke Ishizu $16
6. Kate Spade A Day Away Gemina $225
7. Coach Ian Sandals $79


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