Vegan Mac N’ Cheese

For the next month, I am participating on a one month vegan challenge in honor of Tom Bridegroom. I’ve eating vegan for spans of time before, but a month will most certainly be my longest. One of the hardest challenges to face during this time was how to not feel like I was missing out at our annual 4th of July BBQ.

While everyone was eating my roommates amazing fried chicken, I found plenty of other delicious foods to make. I marinated tofu, put tons of veggies on the grill, and Jason even made a Field Roast and Mushroom stuffed squash, but none of these foods were really a substitute for the goodies I usually get to enjoy at a BBQ. So, I decided to try my hand at making vegan mac n’ cheese.

After searching high and low for Daiya, and coming out the victor, I decided to use this recipe (although I omitted the sham in it). It turned out crisp, melty, and delicious. And the best part? Although my friends all agreed that it didn’t taste just like mac n’ cheese, they all helped themselves to a serving or two!


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