Style Inspiration: Cecil B. Demented

John Waters is most often known for his films Hairspray, Cry-Baby, and even Pink Flamingos. But one of my absolutely favorite, lesser-known Waters movie is Cecil B. Demented. Featuring an outstanding cast of relatively unknowns at the time (Adrien Grenier, Maggie Gyllenhall, and Michael Shannon), it is the story of the love of underground cinema that drives fanatics a bit too far.

After kidnapping Honey Whitlock to make a guerrilla film, and violence, passion, and hilarity ensue. But besides the message (which as a film maker, I find hilarious), I also absolutely adore the avant garde costumes and makeup. Bright colors, ridiculously dark eyes, and a platinum blond bob, it just screams late 90s. It takes every power in my being to not bleach my hair and paint my eyelids shut…and maybe wield a semi-automatic weapon while I’m at it. 

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