Must Read: Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

Okay, so I know that these books are old news and everyone has read them, but I generally tend to stray from anything too well talked about in fear that I will be disappointed. But, with the movies coming out soon, I decided I had to read them. Mistake. Mistake, I say!

Ok, it was only a mistake because I’m obsessed with the books, have spent way too much time reading them, have been thinking about them constantly, been forcing them upon any and all of my friends that have not read them, and will probably reread them before the movie comes out.

What about you? Have your read them? Are you as obsessed as I am?

3 thoughts on “Must Read: Hunger Games Series by Suzanne Collins

  1. I read and enjoyed them too! But I was more "obsessed" reading the first book and kind of chilled out by the third in which I really just wanted to know when she was going to get together with Peeta. Okay, that's embarrassing to admit.I'm often reading things (and watching things) after the trend has peaked. Who cares? 🙂 I'm slowly working my way through Harry Potter right now. It's kind of more fun, because I know the series is complete and I can read it slowly, knowing there's more available, versus consuming it and then waiting on the edge of my seat for another year for the next book to come out. I hate cliff hangers!

  2. lol!I know EXACLTY what you mean.From a Monday to a wednesday…that's how long it took me to finish them…OBSESSED is not nearly close…!!!

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