Weekend Chic: Event Hopping

Sometimes, after a super busy week of work, I can’t wait to jam pack my weekend with tons of fun things to do, and it just so happens, that this is one of those weekends. Between concerts, friends showcases, dinners, and drinks, this little lady will be all over Brooklyn. I can’t wait to combine light fabrics, tall, but comfy wedges, and chunky jewelry, for a perfect night out ensemble. I’ve been in love with black and red combination’s lately, and have been dying for a chunky gold watch just like this Michael Kors one.

1. Deena & Ozzy Chain Strap Crossbody Bag $48
2. Crinkle Pussy Bow Short Sleeve Blouse £36
3. Floating Hearts Ring $15
4. Let’s Motor Wedge $255
5. Flounced Silk Shorts $198
6. Michael Kors Oversized Runway Watch $250

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