Drink List: Cherry Blossom

Having been a bartender for a few years before I made my foray into freelancing, I sometimes still miss the fun of having an arsenal of alcohol and mixers at my disposal and mixing up fun, new drinks. When I was given a bottle of Yuzu juice, I knew that I had to find some way to incorporate this into a cocktail. I started digging in my fridge and came out with some cherries, and simple syrup, and knew that with a little vodka, I would have the perfect drink.

I call it a Cherry Blossom after the obvious ingredients, plus the Japanese influence of Yuzu juice. I’m sure there is already a drink with that name, but this is my take on it. You can play around a little with the ingredients and amounts, my roommate didn’t love the yuzu juice, so I added more simple syrup to hers to even it out, also you could try muddling some herbs or other berries with it. Enjoy!

3 cherries
1 oz. simple syrup
1 oz. vodka
1 oz. Yuzu juice

Muddle the cherries with the simple syrup. Add vodka, yuzu juice, and ice. Shake well, strain over fresh ice, and top with a cherry.


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