Weekend Chic: Catching a Show

Tomorrow night, my boyfriend’s band, At Sea, is opening for Under the Elephant at Cameo Lounge. I always love attending his shows, not only do I get to see him perform, but I always get to meet tons of new people who have known him for years. It’s not always easy being the girlfriend of a musician, you gotta dress to impress, be able to fend off all the girls who are inevitably crushing on your man after seeing him on stage, and still look classy enough to meet his oldest friends. I also included my camera, a Panasonic Lumix (not a DSLR, which would be ideal, but my dad gave me this camera when he bought a new one, and it’s a great camera to learn on), I’ll inevitably end up taking a ton of pictures of the bands while they’re on stage.

1. Diana’s Droplets Earrings $28
2. Armor Ring $28
3. Alexander Wang Robyn Textured Leather Hobo Bag $985
4. Ahead of the Flock Dress $53
5. Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ18
6. Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Lace-Up Wedges $169


One thought on “Weekend Chic: Catching a Show

  1. Love the dress and the shoes! Gotta get me some of those wedges! PS: didnt know you were from MOntana!I was there (TX ranch near Billings) a few years back and loooooove it!

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