Must Read: True Prep by Lisa Birnbauch

I have been dying to read Lisa Birnbauch’s True Prep since it came out, and when it went on sale on Amazon a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to scoop up a copy and dive right in to the world of the Hamptons, Yale, and Eton.

To me, this world has always been super foreign. Having grown up in a small town in Montana, we had barely any exposure to private schools (a montessori that was K-8, and a Christian private high school that was sparsely populated), let alone the world of prep schools, boarding schools, and then ivy league colleges. No, this world had always been one of mystery, and fantasy, the greatest exposure I had to it was The Skulls and Wedding Crashers.

The self deprecating look at the lifestyles of old money, made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. The details on style, sports, and other activities kind of made me want to sign up for archery lessons and search the sale section of Vineyard Vines. It also made me look at some of my favorite finance friends in a new light. Maybe I had been too harsh for judging how they had lived their lives, after all, according to True Prep, that’s just how the old money works, and we shouldn’t question it. 🙂


One thought on “Must Read: True Prep by Lisa Birnbauch

  1. i saw this a few months ago at a local book store. i love the cover and thought about checking it out. maybe i'll see if it's available on nook, sounds interesting! i live in virginia and this world of private prep schools is foreign to me as well!

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