Must Read: Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? by Pamela Keogh

I am constantly picking up new and fun non-fiction books about times past. I am constantly nostalgic for all eras in the 20th century, and am enamored of the timeless elegance that women had so seemingly effortless.

Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe are obviously two of those timelessly classic women. Both polar opposites in so many ways, both woman have qualities and characteristics I am so envious of. Jackie’s love of literature and outdoor activity, her timeless classic style, and her ability to stay so strong during a time of hardship make her so admirable. Combine that with Monroe’s ability to wrap any man or woman around her finger, look so beautifully put together, and work so hard to get what she wants only inspire me to be a more diligent person.

Keogh explores and compares their style, intelligence, relationships, youths, and families with such detail and fun that I left wanting to pick up even more books about each lady. I live for biographies, and although I have read biographies about both women, I am desperate to pick up some new ones. Next up? I think I’ll pick up Fragments by Monroe, and Jackie as Editor by Greg Lawrence.

Oh, and as far as whether or not I’m a Jackie or a Marilyn? I’d like to think of myself as a little of both. What about you? Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn?

*via FabSugar


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