Fig Jam

When Hurricane Irene was bearing down upon us last weekend, we had to scramble to make sure our yard was fully equip to handle high speed winds and soggy rains. Having never been through a hurricane before, I can tell you that this was totally news to me.

We spent all of Saturday morning picking up hoses, bringing potted plants inside, taping our neighbors storm doors shut, and picking the delicious figs off our tree so that the hurricane didn’t render them useless.*

We had an overabundance in figs for the first time in years,** and decided to spend the remainder of the day making fig jam. Neither my roommate nor I had ever made jam before, but luckily, there was a recipe right on the pectin packet that was super easy to follow.

Our ripe figs yielded just over four cups chopped, which made two jars of jam. Although we were selfish and saved all the jam for ourselves this go around, the next batch of ripe figs will make jams for our families. I can’t wait to share it!

*A more important reason to get the figs? So the evil squirrels that steal them every year didn’t get them all this go around. Seriously, they are so evil. 

**Seriously, really evil squirrels.


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