Weekend Chic: Inspired by Zelda

Recently, I started reading Zelda: A Biography, by Nancy Milford, and I can’t seem to put it down. Having just read Age of Innocence, I am definitely going through a 1920s phase, and Zelda Fitzgerald makes me want to time-travel to that time in history.

I have always been very fond of the idea of New York in the 1920s, flappers, the stork club, prohibition, literature, and the beginnings of Broadway have always held quite the fascination for me. And who could forget the clothes? Drop waists, furs (faux now), art deco, smart heels, cloche hats, and flapper bobs.

I know that however the weather ends up this weekend I will end up flipping through the pages of this fascinating biography, transporting myself to a time when authors held a certain amount of fame, life revolved around having clever conversations, and everyone lived for a sense of adventure. At this rate, my boyfriend will be lucky if I don’t decided to name our future children Scott and Zelda!

1. Croft & Barrow Feather Beaded Cloche Hat $42
2. Art Deco Double Pendant Necklace $150
3. Donna Karan Shearling Scarf $1295
4. Cloak of Quills Dress $228
5. Art Deco Fountain Pen $175
6. Flappers & Philosophers by F. Scott Fitgerald $19.25
7. Indigo by Clark’s Women’s Priscilla Renee $110


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