Inspired By- Drive

 In case you haven’t been paying attention to oh, say, anyone, Drive is the movie to see. I convinced Jason to go last weekend, he had been dying to go to a movie at Nitehawk Cinema, and this seemed like the perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday trapped in Brooklyn.

Heavily influenced by the 80s, Drive did not disappoint. Director Nicolas Winding Refn created a beautifully haunting film with an incredible cast (yes, I am officially a member of the Ryan Gosling fan club now), and one of the best movie soundtracks in ages. If you haven’t seen it, GO!

Costume designer Erin Benach did an amazing job with Gosling’s  tough as nails character. His signature piece, a satin bomber jacket with a scorpion on the back was inspired by souvenir Korean jackets from the 50s, and the rest of his look was so simple and classic that it compares to the likes of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman before him.

Here’s my take on the look.

1. Rayban Wayfarers $139
2. Vans Chambray Button-Up Shirt $18
3. Tan Fingerless Driving Gloves $36
4. Vintage Zodiac Cameo Ring- Scorpio $17.50 on Etsy
5. Isabel Marant Kelan High-Rise Skinny Jeans $290
6. Wegner Women’s Alpine Watch $117
7. Fluevog Radios BBC $169

Anything like that jacket is nearly impossible to find. They had it specially made for the film, and it’s not like that style is too popular.

But oh wait……

Don’t ask, but it was the best day of my life.


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