Super Soft Pumpkin Cookies

There is something about a crisp fall day that just begs to be spent in the kitchen. Maybe it’s the transition between seasons that leaves the apartment a bit chilly, but the radiator isn’t quite on yet, or maybe it’s that nothing quite says fall until the pumpkin recipes start making it out, but I love to spend my Sunday’s whipping up all sorts of new goodies in the kitchen.

This week I opted for super simple, super soft, pumpkin cookies. Although I have never been much of a cookie lover (I would always choose any other desert over them), I have recently began to search for the perfect cookie recipes. I used this recipe, but decided to throw a bit of a twist in. Instead of making the cookies as per the recipe, I decided to brown my butter first, to give it a little bit stronger and nuttier of a flavor.

The result was a super moist, puffy cookie. A perfect accompaniment to a cup of Chai spice tea on a cold, sunny afternoon.


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