That’s a Wrap

After three very long and arduous months, I have finally wrapped out my work on Disconnect. I took on the role of costume coordinator for this position, which meant super long days, lots and lots of numbers, and an amazingly rewarding experience with truly wonderful people.

So now what? In my first day off the project I’ve had a job interview, and taken a two hour nap. It’s always strange to be out of work again for the first time in a while. On the one hand, it’s nice (no more 12 hour workdays!!!), on the other, it’s terrifying (oh goodness, where will my next paycheck come from?), but overall, I’m glad to have a few days off.

On my agenda for the next few days: do some personal writing, get back into the blog swing of things, bake something (I’m obsessed with this website, there are so many things I want to make), get some work done around the house, start packing for my trip to Florida next week, and catch up on the several hours of sleep that were missed over production!


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