Weekend Chic: Celebrate!

I have a tendency to celebrate occasions as long as a possibly can. First there was last weeks wrap party (which ended up in disaster for most people in attendance- what can we say, open bar), then there was last nights delectable meal at Betto in Williamsburg (I ate pork for the first time in months, and my stomach is still paying for it), and inevitably I have a feeling that there will be more celebrating this weekend. And all this for a 3 months job- I wonder what will happen if and when I actually get a full time gig?

  1. Michael Kors Faux Fur Jacket $355
  2. Double Bow Hinged Bangle $78
  3. Rose Bubbly Dress $158
  4. Coach Occasioned Sequined Frame Wristlet $128
  5. Twinkle Heels Booties $298
  6. Essie Mamba Nailpolish $8

Leave a little love xoxo

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