Gift Guide: The Baking Queen

Over the weekend I started thinking about gift guides. Not one to leave Christmas shopping until the last minute (I’m almost finished), I begin thinking about gifts long in advance, and while doing so, I can’t help but get caught up in the things I’d love to have for Christmas as well. One of my favorite ways to spend the holidays (and well, really any holiday) is in the kitchen. I love that so many memories are tied to smells coming out of the oven, and home cooked meals and desserts around the dining table. And what I love more than anything, is the abundance of baked goods you can create to fit any persons tastes. So here are a few of my favorite gifts to give for our favorite baking queens!

  1. Waterford ‘Lismore’ Cake Plate $235
  2. Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in Aqua Sky $300
  3. Courtney Kitchen Cherry Apron $30
  4. Quai Flavored Cane Sugar $11 Each
  5. 14 Piece Cake Decorating Set $35 at The Brooklyn Kitchen
  6. Personal Pie Baker $25
  7. Blue Gingham Cupcake Liners $2.50 for 50

Leave a little love xoxo

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