Must Read: Found Meals of a Lost Generation by Suzanne Rodriguez Hunter

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Have you ever read a book that you were quite certain was going to have an influence over you for quite a while? That happened to me while I was on vacation in Florida for Thanksgiving.

I picked up Found Meals of a Lost Generation: Recipes and Anecdotes from 1920s Paris quite a while ago, and thought that this trip would be the perfect opportunity to dive into it. And I could not have loved it more. Being both a foodie and a highly fascinated by 1920s Paris, this was the perfect book for me.

Often I feel as though food is the best way to connect with someone, through both sharing meals, as well as telling tales of some of your best (and worst) food experiences. A love of an ingredient can bring two people together, and dietary issues can tear people apart. Many of our favorite traditions are around food, and when we are sad, almost all of us still have a comfort food that we can go to that will keep us warm inside (mine is mashed potatoes).

Being taken back to Paris in the 1920s through food was a magical experience. Learning about the quirky habits of expats, or the delicacies particular to certain regions, and the techniques used for certain foods prior to our vast kitchen technologies, all created an amazing experience centered around one of the most primal senses. There was nothing like hearing about some of my favorite author’s food experiences, or the nights that many of these expats shared, or about the drinks that were coming out of The Select at the time. This quick read is sure to be a book that I will revisit time and again, and I absolutely cannot wait to try out some of the recipes!

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