December Plans

Can you believe that tomorrow is December 1st? This year has absolutely flown by, but I can’t wait to wrap up the year with some exciting events and tasks. After a couple months of looking at apartments, we have finally found one that we are moving into this week, and I cannot wait to get settled in, explore the neighborhood, and create a home with Jason and the fat cat Boris. I also interviewed for a really great job opportunity earlier this week, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news.

So with all these new things happening, I am making big plans for December and the Holidays. Here are a few of my to-dos:

  • Go ice skating (I haven’t been for years, so I’m making Jason take me)
  • Bake Christmas cookies. This is the first year I’ll be baking them on my own, so I’ve already been researching recipes and fun combinations. 
  • Decorate for the holidays- I have no decorations, so I get a fresh start, I’ve already been compiling some inspiration on pinterest.
  • Re-read Hunger Games while the snow falls.
  • Make a really good dairy free hot chocolate.
  • Knit new goodies for my friends for Christmas

What are you looking forward to this December? 


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