Weekend Chic: Get a Move On

This is the big weekend! Jason and I have been packing the boxes, looking at paint colors, the U-Haul is reserved, and we are finally moving into our new place! Although it isn’t that far from our current apartment, I cannot wait to set everything up, explore the new neighborhood, and finally stop living out of a suitcase. I’m sure it’s going to be an exhausting couple days, but I am so excited to finally have a place that we picked out together and that is one of our own.

  1. Curacao Headband $32
  2. Valerie Plaid Shirt $68
  3. Whisker While You Work Mug $13
  4. Essie Movers & Shakers $8
  5. Pilcro Set Slim Straight Jeans $118
  6. Loquita When In Doubt Tote Bag $198
  7. Benjamin Moore Paint Wheel
  8. Megan Peace Moccasins $40

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