Glimpses of My Life

To say things have been crazy lately would be quite the understatement. Last week we moved, and our apartment has been looking scarily like an episode of hoarders ever since, and in a moment of financial desperation, I took a job this week….an hour and a half away.

Luckily, Jason has been absolutely amazing through this process, he’s been cleaning, organizing, and unpacking like a pro while I sit on a train, stress over work, and come home and attempt to weed through the suitcases upon suitcases of clothes (expect a eBay auction very soon). Here are a few snapshots of my life in the past couple weeks.

Nothing beats a boy and his cat….

My new Senso boots purchased at a million percent off on cyber Monday.

For the first time in my life I have enough space to do my makeup in the bathroom- and actually keep it organized!

Closet bliss in Brooklyn..

Temporary window setup.

Absinthe in fun gold plated glasses.

One thought on “Glimpses of My Life

  1. I love all the pics (specially the one of your boy and your cat! so sweet!!!) ! And I just got organised with my make up aswell! How great is to have everything tidy????? LOL!

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