Weekend Chic: Happy Holidays!

I have been ready for the holidays for weeks. I got my shopping done early, presents have been wrapped and out, and I even had time to pick up a production gig this week because I felt so prepped and ready. Jason and I have decided to be low key for the holidays this year. We are going to relax together on Christmas Eve, and visit some friends and some of his family on Christmas Day. I can’t wait to lounge around and enjoy time with my boy and my cat. The holidays don’t get much better than that! What are your plans?

  1. La Sardinia Lomography Camera in Domino $70
  2. Night Shade Top $68
  3. Giant Alice in Wonderland Teacup $16
  4. Ronnybrook Farm Eggnog $4
  5. J.Crew Gingham Flannel Boxers $22
  6. Butter Socks 3 for $24

One thought on “Weekend Chic: Happy Holidays!

  1. I love nothing more than low key holidays! Usually I'm so busy with work that I really just wanna hang with the fam and wear comfy clothes all day and drink cocoa 🙂 Looks like you have this down perfectly! Happy Holidays <3Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes <3Tasiahttp://rufflesandsequins.blogspot.com

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