11 of 2011

It seems appropriate that my 200th post should be about my favorite things of 2011. Usually I try to do some sort of round-up of fashion trends I love, albums that made my year, or websites that can attribute half their daily hits to my incessant visiting, however this year, being in the spirit of being thankful and feeling oh so lucky these days, this years list is 11 of my favorite memories from 2011. It really was an awesome year.

(Clockwise from Top: drinks and video games post Hurricane Irene, the day we adopted Boris, showing Jason Glacier Park, bloody mary’s and scrabble upstate at The Roxbury Motel, a mama grizzly and her 3 cubs, my best friend from college, Josh Silberg vising NYC, meeting Jason’s mom for Thanksgiving, my mom’s visit to NYC, and Puerto Rico for my birthday)

But there are only 10 pictures you say. Well you are right, because one of my favorite things I did in 2011 was going ziplining through the treetops, and that comes across best in video.

Ziplining is such a rush and I encourage you to try it if you ever get a chance! What about you? What were some of your favorite moments of 2011?


Leave a little love xoxo

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