5 (or 7) Minute Face

As I previously mentioned, I absolutely love to sleep. So in order to maximize my sleep time in the morning, I’ve managed to get my makeup routine down to 5 minutes. Sure, this doesn’t always leave a lot of time for experimenting with colors, or contouring like a Kardashian, but hey, did Marilyn Monroe use three shades of shimmery shadow to achieve her perfection? Or did Elizabeth Taylor use fake lashes every day?* No.

So I figured I didn’t need to do that either. With a few key elements, I’ve managed to get a standard look that works day in, day out, for all occasions that leaves me totally comfortable in my own skin. I start with a clean, moisturized face (I use Burt’s Bees).

(Oh and I apologize in advance for the untouched photos and the ridiculous face redness left over from my weekend cold).

*That’s a trick question. Elizabeth Taylor had a genetic abnormality that gave her two rows of eyelashes. So unfair.

0:30- Lightly color in eyebrows (if necessary). I use a slanted brush and MAC eyeshadow in Espresso.
:30-1:00- Highlight from eyelid base to brow bone with a light colored, neutral shadow. My favorite (and has been for years) is MAC in Shroom.
1:00-2:00- Using liquid eyeliner (MAC Liquidlast in Black), paint a thin line with a slight wing at the corner of the eye. *See finished result below.

2:00-3:00- I’m obsessed with Bare Escentuals. It’s light, it works, and it’s quick! I use the original powder and large brush, using circles to go over my face twice. I also use the small concealer brush to touch up any areas that need it.

3:00-4:00- After I have my base on, I use a light dusting of the bronzing powder (super light dusting, I’m pale, I don’t need to turn out orange!), and an all over shimmer powder. *See below.

 4:00-5:00- Curl eyelashes, and do one to two light coats of mascara. (MAC…again).

And voila. That’s it. The 5 minute face.

After the initial face is done, I use the last two minutes to take care of any touch-ups, as well as apply lipstick if I’m feeling up to it.

Here are the results of the 7 minute face. Lately I’ve been obsessed with MAC’s Pink Plaid.

Ok, that was exhausting.

So what’s your daily makeup routine?

Leave a little love xoxo

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