Not So Weekend Chic- Mugged

So last night, I was on my way to meet Jason, catching up with my mother about our days when two girls jumped me for my cell phone. It was terrifying, they ripped it out of my hand, scratched my face, pushed me to the ground, and took off. A really sweet young man named Alex saw this happen and chased them for a few minutes, and I am so grateful that he was kind enough to care.

Luckily, my powers of description proved to be no match for them, and they were picked up a few blocks away within minutes, spending the night in jail, and I even got my phone back. But it was a really long and exhausting night spent at the precinct.

The worst part about it is that this happened in a really safe neighborhood. I was walking in front of a row of coffee shops, on a really busy street, near several popular restaurants and bars, where it was really well lit. So please, please don’t talk on your cell phone when walking at night, no matter where you are, you never know what could happen and if it could end up worse for you then it did for me.

As for today, I’m taking a personal day, I’m exhausted and would say it’s deserved right?

Have a good weekend. xoxo


One thought on “Not So Weekend Chic- Mugged

  1. OMG so sorry to hear that!I hope you are feeling better by now!If you want proof you are not the only one starting 2012 with the wrong foot take a look at this: Ive been biten by a dog (in the least glamourous spot imaginable), had a car accident aaaaaaand got my computer infected by a virus, all in the month of January. Seriously.Im seriously thinking of spending a few days at home feeding myself with chocolate and cakes. LOL! Cheer up sweetie! Im sure from now on, 2012 is gonna get so much better! 🙂

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